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Dispute Resolution Services

My 23 years as a civil trial judge (sitting and visiting), coupled with my 14 years as a civil litigator, and my 4 years in corporate America equip me to resolve disputes quickly, fairly and with an “outside the box” mentality. I don’t believe a mediation is successful if all I have done is carry notes back and forth between rooms. My approach is more intuitive and creative and I have had a success rate above 95% in resolving disputes.

My fees vary, and are dependent on the amount in dispute and the complexity of the case. The minimum fee for a full day mediation is $1850 per party. My half-day rate is $1000 per party, but I find that the majority of cases, except for the most simple, cannot be resolved in half-day mediations. I am happy to discuss that with you if all attorneys feel the case only needs 4 hours time. I am also happy to discuss any fees prior to a commitment by you. On multi-party cases (4 or more parties), I will reduce the fees. Please call our office to discuss.

I perform dispute resolution services state and nation wide, and look forward to discussing the costs for these out of town services with you. After the mediation/arbitration, I would greatly appreciate your comments on the “Accolades” section of this website.

Scheduling Mediation

The quickest way to schedule mediation is to use the calendar function on this website to begin the process of scheduling. Please fill out the entire form that pops up so we can open a complete file.  If you have trouble, please call John Samuelson at 713-999-6277 or email him at

Once the date for your mediation has been confirmed, please come back to the website and utilize the form bank to prepare the necessary forms. I have asked for information regarding the case so that I can prepare in advance. If the mediation is cancelled or delayed more than 3 working days before the agreed upon date, we will work with you to re-schedule at no charge. If, however, the mediation is cancelled within 2 business days of the scheduled mediation date, and I cannot fill the date with other work, you will be charged a full cancellation fee..

Please make all checks payable to Elizabeth Ray, P.C. and send all materials to me at or to Judge Elizabeth Ray, Third Coast ADR, 3605 Katy Freeway, Suite 104, Houston, Texas 77007.  (I prefer digitized rather than paper.) In the event of a concern, and within the ethical guidelines, please feel free to contact me directly at

Scheduling Arbitration and Private Judge Services

Arbitration must be scheduled through the managing organization (eg: AAA) if it has been initiated in that organization.

For private arbitrations, the scheduling process is the same as described above for mediations. Please access the online calendar to select your agreed date(s). My arbitration and Private Judge fees are $500 per hour and $5000 per day.